Hair Loss: Root Causes and Treatment

Hair Loss Root Causes and Treatment

Hair thinning and loss occurs with the natural aging process, but why? The answers to this, and more importantly, how to stop it and regrow hair, are discussed here. Topical minoxidil, special shampoos, and hair transplants are all treatments that are available to treat hair loss. But the question is, do they work, and are there better options available?

We first have to understand the causes of hair loss. Yes, you read that correctly, causes. Newer research has demonstrated that all of the facets of hair loss need to be treated in order to have successful hair regrowth. Older treatments typically only targeted one cause; thus, improvement in hair regrowth was minimal and/or temporary.

There are FIVE known root causes of hair loss:

–          DHT or dihydrotestosterone is produced by both men and women within the scalp. This androgen (male hormone) miniaturizes the hair follicle. With age, we are more sensitized to the effects of DHT.

– Stress results in the increased production of cortisol, a stress hormone. Cortisol prematurely shortens the hair growth cycle and sends hair into a resting phase for a few weeks before it is then shed. The result? Shorter strands of hair and increased hair loss.

–          Oxidative stress or environmental insults such as UVA/UVB exposure, chemicals in processed food, and other environmental toxins all weaken and damage the hair follicle.

–          Altered immune response occurs as we age. This presented as a decreased metabolism and decreased collagen production. Certain chemical messengers trigger hair follicle regression. The decreased production of collagen, often noted in our skin, also occurs in the scalp and results in a weaker foundation for the hair follicle, with thinner strands of hair produced.

Hair thinning and hair loss can be treated by targeting these five causes. Nutritional supplementation that focuses on decreasing DHT and cortisol production, providing anti-oxidants to offset oxidative stress, and providing a highly bio-available form of collagen has been clinically demonstrated to promote hair regrowth and increase the hair density. 

Nutrafol: a hair loss treatment

Nutrafol® is the #1 Dermatologist-recommended hair supplement that has been clinically proven to improve hair growth and the hair growth rate. It is free of gluten, soy, shellfish, dairy, binders, and artificial additives. It is GMP-certified and standardized for purity and quality. As a medical provider, My Aesthetic Studio is able to offer the Nutrafol® MD line of professional-strength boosters. You can read more about Nutrafol here.

For severely thinned hair or areas of hair loss, platelet-rich fibrin injections (i-PRF) are used in conjunction with nutritional supplementation to stimulate natural hair regrowth. These treatments use the growth factors from your own blood to “wake up” the hair follicle and trigger the active phase of hair growth. You can read more about i-PRF for hair loss here.

We’ve got you covered!

At My Aesthetic Studio, we use only FDA-cleared PRF extraction methods for our i-PRF. Several sessions are required, and the number varies depending on the degree of hair loss. All i-PRF treatments include a Nutrafol® Growth Pack (3-month supply). We recommend that you schedule a Hair Growth Consultation to determine which treatment plan is best to meet your individual needs.

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