VI Peel – Procedure, Benefits & Other Factors

VI Peel - Procedure, Benefits & Other Factors | My Aesthetic Studio

To this day, there are many procedures and aesthetic treatments that you can try to achieve your goal. Whether it is invasive or not, these therapies can support you in getting the beauty you deserve. Most people would opt to try what’s the best in the market, as people proved that is effective. But not only that, matter is essential. People want to get the best for themselves because they want to look at their best. Of course, who wouldn’t? In that sense, it may be time for you to exfoliate your skin and get the treatment it deserves. Have you ever heard of VI Peel Procedure? If not, then this time is the best. Look further in this post to know more about its process, benefits, and more.

The VI Peel: What is it About? 

VI Peel is a medium-depth peel that stimulates the top layer of your skin. And like any other chemical peels, VI peel itself works by exfoliating your skin. It works by encouraging the production of new proteins in your body.The treatment also works to treat and improve the signs of aging, skin texture, and correct pigmentary issues. VI peels use some products that are made up of mixed ingredients using: 

  • Phenol 
  • Salicylic Acid
  • Tretinoin
  • Vitamin C
  • Trichloroacetic Acid

Another thing, this treatment is soft enough that you can put it on your chest, eyelids, face, hands, or back. VI Peel is a peel that you can use with any skin tone and skin type. For more information, let’s try to see everything you must know about VI Peel. See how things work perfectly and the potential benefits of the treatment.

VI Peel Benefits 

If you expect that there are good and bad benefits of VI Peel, then you are right. This therapy offers excellent benefits, unlike other medium chemical peels. So, let’s try to see some of the usual conditions that it can treat. 

Sun Spots & Discoloration

Chemical peels like VI can help you light the areas of skin darkening caused by the sun. Specifically, skin conditions like melasma. One of the main ingredients in VI Peels is phenol. Phenol acts as one of the most effective ingredients that you can see in chemical peels. Its purpose is to treat the discoloration and freckles on your skin.

Eliminating The Wrinkles & Fine Lines 

Remember that chemical peels help break down the top layers of your skin cells. Now, this breakdown can help stimulate your body’s natural healing production and process of elastin and collagen. Elastin and collagen are the two main proteins that provide the skin with structure and elasticity. So, any loss of these proteins will undoubtedly contribute to how wrinkles get formed. However, VI peels and other medium-depth chemical peels are not effective at removing any sagging skin or deep wrinkles. 

Keratosis Pilaris 

One last thing that VI peels can help you ease your worries is treating keratosis pilaris. This treatment includes ingredients like salicylic acid. This component enables you to break down all the bumps because of keratosis pilaris. It is also known as chicken skin for those who have no idea what Keratosis pilaris. It is a common condition in which dead skin cells clog your hair follicles and generate bumps like a chicken’s skin. 

How The Treatment Works

VI Peel will only take you for about thirty minutes and usually is painless. It uses a mix of ingredients to help you break down the top layers of your skin. The result is something that you will love revealing the healthy portions of your skin. There are instances that you may experience a different kind of procedure compared to others. But here’s what you can generally expect: 

  • Your healthcare provider or physician will first cleanse your face. This first procedure is essential to help you remove all the oil and dirt layers on the skin. 
  • Then, the staff will put the VI Peel solution in two layers. Remember that you may experience some tingling or numbness once the first layer gets applied. 
  • Now, after the second layer gets applied, your skin will start to “frost” or turn to white. And for about four to six hours, you’ll need to wash off the peels.
  • Your skin will begin to peel for about three days after the procedure. Then, you are good to go! 

VI Peel Treating Acne 

If you’ve got thoughts about whether VI Peel can help you treat your acne, find out here. While VI Peel is effective and beneficial for those concerns listed above, further research needs to see how chemical peels can heal acne. But for instance, chemical peels can help you treat your acne in numerous ways. Here are those:

  • Reducing Inflammation
  • Killing the bacteria 
  • It helps lessen oil production.
  • Breaking down the outer layer of your skin
  • It helps in reducing your clogged pores.

VI Peel After Treatment 

Hours after your treatment and one hour before going to bed, you must wash off the peel through mild water and cleanser. Take note that your skin will start to peel within three days after the treatment. There are various ways on how you can take of your skin through the following: 

  • Applying the “Post Peel Protectant” after the procedure two to four times every day 
  • Preventing the sunlight when your skin starts to peel. So make sure to wear sunscreen wherever you go outside
  • Applying moisturizer until you’re over peeling
  • Containing any lotions or creams until you wash off your peel

VI Peel Number of Treatments

The number of times you should get a VI Peel will depend on your budget. Take note that there are certain skin conditions that you’re trying to heal. It would be best to wait until the four to six weeks between the treatments to see the results. You must consult all these factors with your doctor first to be able to achieve the results you want. 

An initial assessment and consultation will lead you to a happier and healthier life. It’s not only that, but you can achieve more of your goals! Good luck, and set an appointment now with your trusted clinic! 


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