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Hair loss and thinning occurs due to multiple changes within our body that occur due to the aging process. Genetics, hormonal changes, stress, environmental damage, aging, and the immune system all play a role in hair loss. These factors result in a decreased growth phase, and signal to the body to prematurely enter the resting or shedding phase. The result is thinner, weaker hair and less overall growth. Nutrafol® is the #1 dermatologist-recommended hair growth supplement. It is a physician-formulated, medical-grade product that addresses hair thinning, and hair loss by targeting the root causes associated with these changes. It can be used alone, or to complement other hair loss treatments.


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The root causes of hair loss are an excess of dihydrotestosterone or DHT (a male hormone present in men and women) that miniaturizes the hair follicle. Stress results in excess cortisol production, and this stress hormone prematurely shortens the hair growth cycle. Oxidative stresses from our diet, environment, and pollution weaken and damage the hair follicle over time. The natural process of aging decreases the amount of collagen and elastin in the scalp, which are essential for maintaining the structural support for a healthy hair follicle. With aging, also comes decreased immune function, which results in hair follicle regression. All of these factors combined contribute to weakened, thinning hair and hair loss.

Nutrafol® is a physician-formulated, pharmaceutical grade, all-natural supplement that targets the multiple factors associated with hair thinning and hair loss. It contains a powerful blend of natural ingredients that support whole-body health to balance hormones, modulate the immune system, and build resilience to stress hormones, known as stress adaptogens. It includes potent antioxidants, Ashwagandha extract, marine collagen peptides, and other bio-optimized ingredients that have been demonstrated to be clinically effective for new hair growth, healthy skin, and maintenance of existing hair growth. All ingredients are responsibly sourced and standardized in dosage.

In the Peri- and Postmenopausal Women’s 6-month clinical trial with placebo and treatment groups, and double-blinded dermatologists as principal investigators, dermatologists noted increased vellus (or new hairs), more terminal (thicker and longer) hairs, and less shedding in women taking Nutrafol® Balance when compared to the placebo group. Observational studies demonstrated:
– 100% of study subjects reported visible improvement in hair growth after 9 months,
– 76% reported thicker hair after 6 months, and
– 80% reported less shedding after 3 months

In the Women’s 6-month clinical trial with placebo groups and treatment groups, a blinded clinical dermatologist noted increased vellus (or new hairs), more terminal (thicker and longer) hairs in women taking Nutrafol® Women when compared to the placebo group. Observational studies demonstrated:
– 80% of study participants saw improved overall hair growth,
– 80% reported thicker hair, and
– 73% reported increased growth rate.

In the Men’s 6 month clinical trials, dermatologists again noted increased vellus and terminal hairs in men taking Nutrafol® Men when compared to the placebo group. Observational studies demonstrated:
– 84% reported improved hair quality, and
– 72% reported improved scalp coverage
Read the scientific clinical trial results here: https://nutrafol.com/clinical/

In order to understand hair regrowth, it is important to know the phases of a hair cycle. The phases are:
– Anagen (Active Growth) – lasts approximately 2-6 years – duration decreases with age, life stressors, dietary deficiencies, immune dysfunction, and hormonal imbalances
– Catagen (Cessation of Growth) – lasts approximately 2-4 weeks
– Telogen (Resting Phase) – lasts approximately 3-5 months
Hair growth occurs at approximately ½ an inch (1.3cm) per month while in the Anagen Phase. For this reason, it is essential to take Nutrafol® consistently for a minimum of 3 months, with noticeable improvements noted at 6 months, and optimal results noted at 12 months.

Nutrafol® has partnered with verified medical providers to provide the MD line, which has increased levels of active ingredients, and is not available at retail stores. We are also able to provide Nutrafol® products at a significant savings to patients that cannot be found online or in retail stores, through our partnership. By seeing a healthcare professional, you can be evaluated to determine which Nutrafol® products will best treat your hair concerns.

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