Is Kybella The Best Cosmetic Procedure Available To Get Rid Of Your Double Chin?

Is Kybella The Best Cosmetic Procedure Available To Get Rid Of Your Double Chin

Many people want to contour everything from their faces to their bodies, including loose skin or excessive fat in areas like the double chin. Anyone can have a double chin, whether conventionally thin or overweight, on which Kybella treatment has seen great results in getting rid of the excess flesh or fat underneath the chin. The synthetic form of deoxycholic acid that Kybella consists of helps destroy and eliminates submental fat, also known as the double chin.

How Does Kybella Work?

The deoxycholic acid, a bile acid that Kybella consists of, is naturally produced by the body to help absorb fat. Kybella uses injections with a synthetic form of deoxycholic acid and must only be performed by a medical professional since this type of acid can kill other cells. Once injected beneath the chin area, the acid destroys fat cells and does not store fat anymore.

Prior to the procedure, the licensed aesthetician will mark the injection sites with a marker following the application of a topical anesthetic or an ice pack to ease any discomfort or pain. Kybella’s number of injections used under the chin ranges from 20 to 30 and could be up to 50 injections. This bile acid (deoxycholic acid) used in this treatment gradually kills fat cells, which the body excretes in the next few weeks.

Also, every person is unique, so the suggested number of treatment sessions may vary. To see optimal results, multiple treatments might be needed in most cases. In fact, one person can receive up to six Kybella treatments at least one month between each session.

What Are The Benefits Of Kybella?

Kybella provides many benefits compared to other cosmetic treatments, which include:

  • Visible results. Kybella offers a more defined jawline to restore a youthful, confident appearance.
  • Permanent results. No need to worry about needing maintenance injections. Once fat cells are destroyed, they don’t come back anymore.
  • Minimally invasive. This treatment provides lasting, noticeable results without undergoing a surgical procedure.
  • Quick results. The patient can have immediate results with only one treatment, usually taking about 20 minutes.
  • Pain-free. To experience minimal pain and discomfort, the application of a topical anesthetic is used.

What Happens During A Kybella Treatment?

With the consultation before the treatment, the doctor will begin with an anatomic analysis and assessment and a photo to measure the progress later. The doctor may also weigh the patient since post-treatment weight gain can lead to suboptimal results.

This will be followed by measuring the treatment area and marking the injection sites by the doctor. Next, they’ll sterilize the area, and anesthesia may not be required. Still, the doctor will often apply a topical numbing cream 60 minutes before injecting to reduce any discomfort or pain.

A series of Kybella injections will be given, each small and quick. They may get 20 to 30 injections, depending on how much fullness the patient has and the number of vials needed. The Kybella treatment can take up to 30 minutes, though most appointments last just 15–25 minutes.

How Effective is Kybella?

Kybella is the only FDA-approved injectable treatment for this purpose and results from more than 20 clinical trials on some 2,600 patients. With a 79% success rate among those who complete all six treatments, Kybella can be administered throughout six treatments, at least one month apart. More than a quarter of participants in clinical trials were able to see results after just the first two treatments, and, in some cases, less than six treatments were needed to reach the desired results.

What Are Kybella’s Common And Uncommon Side Effects?

Kybella’s possible risks must be discussed by the doctor, which includes infection. Although infection is not considered a common side effect, it’s a serious one that requires prompt treatment and must be informed to the doctor.

Another sign of infection is swelling if it’s also accompanied by other symptoms, such as oozing and open sores. However, swelling alone doesn’t necessarily mean it’s an infection, but it’s crucial to monitor the condition closely to see if these symptoms change.

Below are Kybella’s common side effects, which include:

  • itching
  • bleeding
  • headache
  • mild pain
  • numbness
  • redness
  • swelling
  • slight bruising
  • hard skin around the injection area

If more serious side effects are being experienced, it’s best to call the doctor. Below are the examples:

  • infection
  • hair loss at the injection site
  • muscle weakness in the face
  • open sores, with or without drainage
  • severe bruising
  • skin tissue damage (necrosis)
  • trouble eating and swallowing
  • ulcers
  • uneven smile

What To Expect With Kybella?

Kybella only needs little preparation since it’s a non-surgical procedure. In fact, patients can immediately schedule the first treatment session once qualified as suitable candidates. Its content, deoxycholic acid, works perfectly to permanently remove the double chin since bile acid is what the body already makes, most specifically in absorbing fats. 

As indicated, this treatment should only be administered by a highly experienced expert in Kybella injections to ensure that the results are flawless since deoxycholic acid is very good at killing fat and other cells. 

What Is The Recovery Time After Kybella?

After the Kybella procedure, patients can resume normal activities, though they may experience moderate swelling for several days, which will just gradually subside. Therefore, it’s recommended to schedule the Kybella treatment when a patient can have some social downtime.

How Many Sessions Are Needed From Kybella?

The needed sessions are multiple, and six treatments are the maximum for Kybella. The provider may recommend one injection per month over a six-month timeframe.

At a minimum, a patient needs to wait a month between Kybella sessions. On the other hand, some people may require fewer treatments, depending on the amount of chin fat and the desired outcomes.

Are The Results Of Kybella Permanent?

In general, Kybella treatments should be permanent. This is because Kybella destroys the fat cells that make up the double chin to have long-term results.‌ However, gaining weight can cause the double chin to return. 

In this case, sticking to a healthy lifestyle and diet after getting Kybella injections is necessary. Since Kybella treatment was approved in the United States in 2015, that means it’s still relatively new. So, long-term follow-up studies will reveal more about its permanence.

Final Thoughts

Kybella does seem to be a great way to get rid of the double chin. Suppose you are looking to sculpt your face and eliminate the double chin. My Aesthetic Studio offers Kybella, a non-invasive treatment to treat excess fat under the chin, and an injectable solution that treats submental fullness or a “double chin” by permanently destroying fat cells and thus improving the chin and neck profile. 

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