VI Peel vs. Other Skin Resurfacing Methods: Advantages and Differences

VI Peel by Elevate Aesthetics in Sanford FL

Sometimes, we feel like we know what to do with our skin, so we try various skin products and procedures. However, our skin is delicate and sensitive, especially in the face, as it’s exposed to various external factors. If we want to scrape off all the impurities and dirt on our skin, VI Peel is […]

Is VI Peel Better Than Chemical Peel?

Is VI Peel Better Than Chemical Peel

Selecting the chemical peel best for your skin can take time and effort. Most people initially desire chemical peels but are unsure which one to get. The VI Peel is advantageous and superior to other goods on the market for several reasons. What is the VI Peel? At My Aesthetic Studio, skin resurfacing, and rejuvenation […]

VI Peel – Procedure, Benefits & Other Factors

VI Peel - Procedure, Benefits & Other Factors | My Aesthetic Studio

To this day, there are many procedures and aesthetic treatments that you can try to achieve your goal. Whether it is invasive or not, these therapies can support you in getting the beauty you deserve. Most people would opt to try what’s the best in the market, as people proved that is effective. But not only […]

What can a VI PEEL do for Your Skin?

What Can a VI Peel Do For Your Skin | My Aesthetic Studio

Advances in dermatology have led to the development of treatments that truly deliver results without traditional downtime. The VI PEEL is one such treatment that yields impressive results and a dramatic improvement in skin texture and tone, regardless of skin type. It is a gentle yet powerful medical-grade chemical peel that corrects skin discoloration, acne […]

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